Stretch Fabric Tent Decoration

You can count with the Reshape team to make a special decoration for your event.
Using fantastic stretchable materials and the correct use of light, we can deliver you an unique environment.

Light is Decor

We cannot emphasize more the importance of a correct use of light to maximize the look and feel of decor at both night and indoor functions.
For that we ensure that our well trained staff will take care of this for you, providing special color areas complementing tent colours as well as effective shades on tent surfaces.

Customization meets branding

Alternatively, if you wish to buy your own tent with us, we can purpose to fully customize it for you with your brand and logo, therefore representing your company image by 100%.
Tent advertisements easily grab the attention of guests and possibly it help boosting the scope of branding for any business.

Our beautiful Stretch Tents are widely accepted in corporate events, thus we consider that is important to give a special care on this issue.

Here are some examples:

[pirenko_gallery type=”grid” cols_number=”3″ show_titles=”no” images=”1014,287,462″ onclick=”fount_no_link” thumbs_mg=”20″]

To find out more about our stretch fabric tent decoration possibilities or having further explanations about tent customization or corporate branding, please contact us.