Wedding Tent Marquees


Beautiful & Unique

Give your wedding day something unique and extra special, create memories which will stay for a lifetime! Reshape Wedding Stretch Tents are the ultimate choice for your wedding venue, be it at home or in a remote location, use for your ceremony, reception or just to compliment your venue of choice. Wedding tent marquees are fast becoming a very popular option in creating a more unique and elegant wedding experience.

Check for yourself how wonderful they look like!


An Elegant & Versatile Alternative

The beauty of the Stretch Tent design is the fact that you don’t need a flat surface, these tents can be erected onto any ground, covering areas which traditional marquees cannot. They can be rigged on any surface from grass to gravel, on slopes or patios., freestanding or attached to existing buildings. This versatility gives wedding planners and co-ordinators much more freedom when choosing the perfect wedding location. This is why they are becoming an extremely popular alternative choice for wedding tents!


Adaptable To Every Need

Whatever the size of your wedding, and whatever vision you have, a Reshape wedding tent can be adapted to suit each and every need. The amazing functionality of the stretch tent design allows them to be set up in many ways, creating as large or as small a space as is required. Always providing the safest, most weatherproof and elegant design, we will discuss with you in dept what your needs and visions are, and we will adapt the tent to suit your requirements.


Cost Effective Wedding Venue Choice-Invention

Using a stretch tent for your wedding will ultimately work to enhance and to create the most beautiful space in which you can enjoy that special day! They are also a cost effective choice and much more affordable then one may think! If you would like to request more information about our Wedding Stretch Tents, please contact us now to discuss your tent options.


Reshape Weddings Design

At Reshape we know how much is involved in creating that special day. We can not only provide you with an elegant and sophisticated venue or shelter, but we can also work hand in hand with you in the design and decor vision you would like to create. Reshape Weddings can provide everything from romantic lighting to rustic or contemporary furniture, flooring, heating and decoration. Let us know what you need and we will source it, our experienced design team will do all the legwork and work for you!